Professor SW Tang
Institute of Brain Medicine
Professor Brian Leonard
Associate Director
Institute of Brain Medicine
Professor Joseph Zohar
Associate Director
Institute of Brain Medicine
Jeffrey Cummings (USA)
John Kane (USA)
Hans-Jürgen Müller (Germany)
David Nutt (UK)
Dan Stein (South Africa)
The Institute of Brain Medicine is an international non-profit educational organization founded by three professors interested in psychopharmacology education. Professors Brian Leonard, SW Tang, and Joseph Zohar have conducted training courses in psychopharmacology in the Far East and discovered that there is a tremendous need for such training in this part of the world. At the 2010 CINP World Congress, supported by an international faculty of senior educators in different areas of brain medicine, they founded the Institute of Brain Medicine. At the moments, the faculty members consist of psychiatrists, neurologists, psychopharmacologists and neuroscientists from Europe, North America, South Africa, Israel, Hong Kong and China. Funding of the educational activities will come from donations and fund raising activities, including governmental and non-governmental grants. The Institute will conduct recurrent short Courses based in China and Hong Kong, initially focused on countries in the Far East region and later open to other parts of the world and liaise with other educational organizations and universities. The Institute's web site also provides forums for academic discussions and blog postings. Clinicians and scientists and the public will be able to obtain useful educational information and materials in brain medicine.

A premium psychopharmacology education institute in the Far East led by international experts and educators in neurosciences, psychopharmacology, neuropharmacology and brain medicine.

The promotion of psychopharmacology knowledge, education, training and research in the Far East.
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