Education and training programs in Brain Medicine

The Institute of Brain Medicine will conduct seminars, lectures, workshops and courses in brain medicine. The previous Psychopharmacology Course conducted by the faculty members at the University of Hong Kong was highly popular and will be expanded as one of the main educational activities of the Institute, namely the "Institute of Brain Medicine Certificate in Neuro-psychopharmacology".

Institute of Brain Medicine Certificate in Neuro-psychopharmacology Program

Basic Neuro-psychopharmacology and applied Neurosciences

  1. Elements of life, amino acids, peptides, proteins, protein 3-D structures and drugs
  2. Brain areas and drug actions
  3. Neurons and network
  4. Neurotransmitters, transporters and Receptors
  5. Drug molecules
  6. Blood brain barrier, glycoprotein and drug transport
  7. Drugs with brain targets
    1. Neuroprotective agents
    2. Antidepressant drugs
    3. Mood stabilizers
    4. Antianxiety drugs
    5. Sedatives and hypnotics
    6. Antipsychotic drugs
    7. Drugs for dementia
    8. Anticonvulsants
    9. Drugs for strokes
    10. Drugs for Parkinson disease
    11. Drugs for other degenerative brain disorders
    12. Cognitive enhancers, drugs for wakefulness and psychostimulants
    13. Substance abuse and drugs in addiction
  8. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  9. P450, Drug-drug interaction
  10. Pharmaco-immunology
  11. Pharmaco-endocrinology
  12. Drug discovery and development
  13. Animal models of brain disorders
  14. Animal model for drug testing
  15. Applied Pharmaco-genetics and genomics

Clinical Psychopharmacology

  1. Drug Trials: design and phases
  2. Clinical Rating scales
  3. The affective disorders
  4. The psychotic disorders
  5. The anxiety disorders
  6. The sleep disorders
  7. Eating disorders
  8. Addictive disorders
  9. Dementia, Parkinson disease and other degenerative brain disorders
  10. PTSD
  11. OCD
  12. ADHD, autism and other attention disorders
  13. Epilepsy
  14. Suicidal risks with drugs
  15. Polypharmacy
  16. Side effects and adverse effects
  17. Managing drug treatment across the life cycle: the young, the elderly, women and the pregnant
  18. Metabolism, Hormones and drugs
  19. Psychosomatics and Pain management
  20. Pharmaco-economics
  21. Drugs, crime and Violence
  22. Litigation
  23. Dangerous drugs
  24. Long term treatment, compliance and management of drug therapy goals
  25. Supplementary and complementary non-drug therapies

This Certificate Course will be conducted by various faculty members of the Institute. Candidates will enroll in three separate Courses of 2-3 days each within a period of three years, which will cover the syllabus. A Certificate will be awarded on completion of the required three courses. Click here for course details.

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